Your Town Tomorrow 
by Corine Vermeulen

160 pages
Foil stamped laminated hardcover
105 color photographs / 9.25 x 11.5 in.
Self-published, 2019


Publisher's Description: 

The photo book Your Town Tomorrow (2007 - 2017) acknowledges a resilient community in the midst of challenging transitions. Although documentary in format, it is also a very personal series as it chronicles my life and work in Detroit, the communities where I have lived, and my friends and neighbors.

Detroit has been the site of complicated change since I moved here thirteen years ago. Real estate developers and corporate investors have altered the character of the city. The national media claims Detroit is a “new” city of great economic opportunity, but it hardly recognizes the people who have lived here throughout the changes. A city’s residents define its identity; the people of Detroit are essential to its culture and vitality.

These images are not meant to survey a Detroit 'as is.' Rather, they function as a glimpse into an alternate reality, where everyday life stands at a crossroads: between hope and despair, vulnerability and strength, the past and the future.