The Americans List

The Americans List:
By the Glow of the Juke Box
Conceived and compiled by Jason Eskenazi

85 pages / 5 x 8 in.
Red Hook Editions, 2012


Publisher's Description: 

While working as a guard at the MET museum in New York, Eskenazi began to ask photographers he knew visiting the Looking In exhibition about Robert Franks The Americans, their favorite image and why. In the 2 years since he quit, as he himself got back out on the road again to shoot, he complied 276 photographers answers in the unique book destined to be a classic in photography education.

Includes contributions from Mary Ellen Mark, Joel Meyerowitz, Jeffrey Ladd, Robert Frank, Martin Parr, Philip Perkis, David Alan Harvey, Bill Burke, Josef Koudelka, John Gossage, Juliana Beasley, Sara Terry, Mark Steinmetz, Vanessa Winship, Alec Soth and many more.


The Americans List: By the Glow of the Juke Box by Jason Eskenazi
Red Hook Editions