Lisboa by Pierre von Kleist

by Pierre von Kleist
original text by Victor Palla and Costa Martins
Introduction and English translation of original index by Gerry Badger

175 pages
Includes 52 page text supplement
B&W images / 11.25 x 9.25 in.
Pierre von Kleist, 2009

Publisher’s Description: 

‘Lisboa, Cidade Triste e Alegre’, originally published in 1959, is a symphony about Lisbon of the fifties, showing the city in its different aspects. The “graphic poem”, as Victor Palla and Costa Martins liked to call it, constructs a new city with (photographic and poetic) images, a city in the process of assimilating an international style.

The photos are very modern, grainy, taken in a fast way, choosing spontaneity and instinct to artifact and composition. According to Martin Parr and Gerry Badger, who included this book in "The Photobook: A History, vol.1": 'Lisboa is particularly notable for using many of the book-making ideas developed by William Klein, and Dutch photographers like Ed van der Elsken and Joan van der Keuken, and has a vibrant, cinematic feeling'.

This new edition follows exactly the first edition, including text and poems by Rodrigues Migueis, Alexadre O’Neill, Armindo Rodrigues, David Mourão-Ferreira, Eugénio de Andrade, Jorge de Sena and José Gomes Ferreira.

It also includes a supplement with an introduction by Gerry Badger and a full transcription into English of the book’s index, where the authors explain in detail the making of each image.

Lisboa by Pierre von Kleist

Lisboa by Pierre von Kleist
Lisboa by Pierre von Kleist
Lisboa by Pierre von Kleist
Lisboa by Pierre von Kleist Pierre von Kleist