Joyful Cruelty by Clement Rosset

Joyful Cruelty:
Toward a Philosophy of the Real

by Clement Rosset

176 pages
English, Soft cover
5 x 8 in.
Free Association, 2010



Publisher’s Description:

Out of print for nearly 20 years, this is the first and only work by Clément Rosset to be translated into English. In it, Rosset lays the foundation for a new philosophy that refuses to turn away from the world and thereby accepts a confrontation with reality in all of its raw immediacy. Verging on a spiritual practice, Rosset's theory is at once cruel because it destroys all illusion and joyful because it allows one to see the world in its simplest and purest terms. A simple solution to thousands of years of unanswered philosophical questions.

Joyful Cruelty by Clement Rosset Free Association